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Polymyxin B Injection

Polymyxin B Injection
Polymyxin B Injection
Product Code : 219
Product Description

Polymyxin B Sulfate Injection


Adult dose

Pediatric dose

Adjustment in Renal / Hepatic Impaired patients

IV15000-25000 units/kg body weight/day in divided doses every 12hrs. IM25000-30000 units/kg every 4-6hrs. Intrathecal 50000 units OD for 3-4 days then 50000 units every other day after CSF cultures are negative for bacteria.
Children: Same as adults Infant with normal kidney function may receive up to 40,000 units/kg/day with out adverse effects



Product name






Polymyxin B sulphate 5 LU

Infections of the urinary tract, meninges, and bloodstream caused by susceptible strains of P.aeruginosa, when less potentially toxic drugs are ineffective or contraindicated: H influenzae, specifically meningeal infections. Escherichia coli, specifically urinary tract infections. Aerobacter aerogenes, specifically bacteremia. klebsiella pneumoniae, specifically bacteremia.

500000 units
1 vial


Product name


Stability after reconstitution

Prep of solution


Unipol B (Polymyxin B sulphate 5L U Vials)

Store at 15oC-30oC

Store under refrigeration at 2oC to 8o Cdiscard any unused solution after 72 hours
Dissolve 500000 units in 300-500mL D5W for continuous I.V.Dissolve 500000 units in 2mL water for injection, saline or 1% procaine solutions for I.M: Dissolve 500000 units in 10mL physiologic solutions for intrathecal administration.
D5W, water for injection, saline or 1% procaine solution, physiologic solution.
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